About the Epernay Civic Association

Currently, some residents of the Epernay subdivision are making an effort to establish the Epernay Civic Association. The history of whether at some time there was such an organization is unclear, but with recent developments within the neighborhood, some residents have become interested in forming a civic association to represent the interest of the neighborhood as a whole. Once we have completed all of the necessary steps to form the association, we will update this page with additional information.

What exactly is a Civic Association, you might ask?

Building community can be a wonderful undertaking.  Not everyone has the time to take on all of the issues that can develop in a growing community; however if you get to know your neighbors, you may find that many of them have similar concerns, desires and interests.  When you join together and divide the tasks up, you usually find that each person has something to offer toward bettering the community.

We all want to maintain and increase property values.  A community association says to potential home-buyers, “we are here and we care about our environment and our community.”  Having a civic association allows you to create a forum for communication with your neighbors and with your local government.   As an association, your collective concerns often carry more weight with elected officials than those of individual citizens.

How will a Civic Association benefit me, you wonder?

Some ways that such a civic association can benefit the subdivision include:

  • Encourage a community environment.
  • Promote neighborhood harmony and uniformity.
  • Help protect the property values of individual homeowners.
  • Social events to meet new friends and establish longtime friends.
  • Work with nearby businesses to bring discounts to our residents.
  • Various presentations and informational forums on community issues.
  • Advocates on city committees for resolution of issues impacting the neighborhood.
  • Neighbors help neighbors through involvement, interaction, information.
  • Membership support keeps the neighborhood vibrant, safe, and desirable.

What will it cost me to join the Civic Association?

Good question. The answer, it will cost you just a few bucks a month. Right now we’re still forming the association, but once we’ve become official, we’ll be asking that each home in our subdivision join The Epernay Civic Association for a nominal, yearly membership fee of $20. By doing so, we will be able to maintain the existence of the Civic Association by maintaining the proper government licensing and the appropriate insurance necessary to operate, we will be able to maintain this website and various community bulletins, and we will be able to maintain the many social activities we have planned for the neighborhood. So, one yearly payment of twenty bucks will have a lot of value.

How will I pay my annual $20 membership dues?

Well, we’re still forming the Civic Association and getting in place all of the legal mambo jumbo that’s required for us to have such an organization. But once we’ve established all of that and set up an account with a local bank, we’ll then be asking Epernay residents to join, and we’re hoping that homeowners will be able to easily pay their dues online. So, let’s look for that all to happen in time for the New Year of 2015!

Not from Epernay? Where is Epernay?

Epernay is located in Galloway on the West side of Columbus. The neighborhood is about one mile South of West Broad Street, less than a mile West of Norton Road, on the South side of Hall Road.

To get to the neighborhood, simply exit West onto West Broad Street from I-270, turn South (left) onto Norton Road, turn West (right) onto Hall Road, and turn South (left) into the neighborhood on either LeClerc Place or the next street past, Beaujolais Place.