2014.07.16 – First Newsletter to the Epernay Subdivision


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Here’s the flyer that was distributed to the neighborhood today:

Hello Neighbor!

We’re writing to you regarding The (future) Epernay Civic Association. We’re in the process of trying to establish a Civic Association within the Epernay subdivision. Let’s first clear up some confusion about what the purpose of a Civic Association is:

A Civic Association is a bit different than what you might typically think of as a Homeowner’s Association. The main difference is that, unlike a Homeowner’s Association, a Civic Association is not able to enforce “rules” within the neighborhood. This is because, unlike a Homeowner’s Association, a Civic Association is voluntary, it is not established in your home’s deed. So, your participation is completely up to you!

Both types of associations have some common goals, however. Here’s some of the most important goals we have set for after the Epernay Civic Association has been officially established:

  • Encourage a community environment.
  • Social events to meet new friends and establish longtime friends.
  • Work with nearby businesses to bring discounts to our residents.
  • Various presentations and informational forums on community issues.
  • Advocates on city committees for resolution of issues impacting the neighborhood.
  • Neighbors help neighbors through involvement, interaction, information.

We hope that you will consider visiting our website and providing your email address for our mailing list so that we may provide you with updates as we progress in finalizing the establishment of our association.

Visit us online at www.epernaycivicassociation.org or email us at epernaycivicassociation@gmail.com.

Thank you in advance for your time, consideration, and support!

Robert Vance (Association Founding Member)
The (future) Epernay Civic Association