Update Regarding the Speeding on LeClerc Place Issue

LeClerc Place is a residential street, within the Epernay subdivision, which is located on the West side of Columbus, off of Hall Road, between Norton Road and Galloway Road. The speed limit on this street is 25mph.

On a daily basis, vehicles traveling this street can be witnessed driving in excess of 45mph. This includes during school bus pick-up and drop-off hours when children are walking to or from the bus stop, as well as nighttime hours when visibility is lessened.

On numerous occasions in the past, residents of the Epernay Subdivision have asked police and the city to make an effort to reduce the instances of speeding along this particular residential street. These requests have included contacting Columbus 311, contacting the Columbus Police, speaking with police officers who patrol the area, and writing local city officials.

Today this speed trailer appeared in on LeClerc Place. It appears that maybe the city is beginning to hear our complaints.

We request / recommend that you also contact the City of Columbus to help bring this concern to their attention. The more complaints they receive, the more attention this issue will receive. Here’s additional ways to contact the city to voice your concern:

Additional information about the Epernay subdivision and LeClerc Place can be found here: