Crime & Safety

Drinking Water Nitrate Warning

Columbus Division of Water is issuing a nitrate alert for portions of downtown, west and southwest Columbus; Grandview Heights, Grove City, Hilliard, Lincoln Village, Marble Cliff, Upper Arlington, Urbancrest and Valleyview. More information: Read more →

Update Regarding the Speeding on LeClerc Place Issue

LeClerc Place is a residential street, within the Epernay subdivision, which is located on the West side of Columbus, off of Hall Road, between Norton Road and Galloway Road. The speed limit on this street is 25mph. On a daily basis, vehicles traveling this street can be witnessed driving in excess of 45mph. This includes during school bus pick-up and… Read more →

Epernay Mailbox Vandalism

Look what some degenerate(s) did to some of our fellow neighbor’s mailboxes. This is such a disappointment. Our neighborhood is slowly degrading; from the increase of speeders flying 45mph down our streets to get to the back of Laurel Green, to the slew of home and vehicle break-ins last summer and property stolen from outside people’s homes, and most recently… Read more →

Avoid the Reshipping Scam

Central Ohio residents are warned to beware of a Reshipping scam. The “reshipping” scheme requires individuals in the United States, who sometimes are co-conspirators and other times are unwitting accomplices, to receive packages at their residence and subsequently repackage the merchandise for shipment, usually abroad. “Reshippers” are being recruited in various ways but the most prevalent are through employment offers… Read more →

Avoid Home Repair and Charity Scams

The two major scams to BE ON THE LOOKOUT for include the following: 1) HOME REPAIR SCAMS Use only LOCAL home repair companies. DO NOT use out-of state repair people (unless friends orrelatives). Ask repair people for REFERENCES. Check the references. Carefully control purchase of repair materials. Ask for receipts. Be wary if repair people ask for large payment in… Read more →

Ways to make you Home more Secure

Boosting residential security doesn’t have to be a big-budget project. More than 2.1 million burglaries were reported in the United States in 2012. That’s one every 15 seconds, according to the FBI, proving just how easy it is for burglars to gain entry. But before you make a big purchase on a security system, take a good hard look around… Read more →

Should you leave your Porch Light on at night?

Increase Security The same porch light that welcomes you home at the day’s end also serves some very practical purposes. The porch light can help you to avoid falls and also prevent that awkward fumbling with your keys in the dark. Once you’re inside, a well-lit entryway allows you to see who might be knocking at your door. Police officers… Read more →

Non-Emergency Calls to the Police

When should I call the non-emergency number, instead of 911? First… When in doubt… Call 911! However, a non-emergency call for service is any non-life threatening situation or report that does not require an immediate police response. For all non-emergency calls, citizens should utilize the Columbus Police non-emergency telephone number 614-645-4545. A number of non-emergency police requests can also be… Read more →

What is a 911 Emergency Call?

An immediate threat to a person’s life or well-being, a crime in progress, a fire and/or medical emergency, and any unknown type of call. What should you do when you call 911? STAY ON THE LINE with the 9-1-1 operator unless doing so will put you or others in danger.  Staying on the line and answering the 9-1-1 operator’s questions… Read more →

Stay Vigilant to Prevent Crime

Every month the Laurel Greene, Clifton Chase, Epernay, and the Halloway developments see several burglaries of cars, garages, yards, and even homes. Making small efforts to help deter criminals can help us keep our neighborhoods crime-free. We can help out our neighborhood and the police by leaving our porch lights on at night. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity and… Read more →