Epernay Neighborhood Block Watch

Neighborhood-Watch-Sign-K-4125What is a Neighborhood Block Watch?

Each day crime and the fear of crime threatens communities. Residents change their plans and lifestyles based on the fear of going out after dark. Parents and children are afraid to use local parks where criminals meet and businesses refuse to put shops in areas they believe are unsafe. It often seems as if nothing can be done to make neighborhoods safer places in which to live and work. The blockwatch can help solve these problems.

Today, community policing allows the police and residents to work together to solve issues involving crime and social concerns in their community. Blockwatches are one of the original foundations of community policing and are referred to as the eyes and ears of law enforcement. Members look out for neighbors and their property and report suspicious activities to the police.

But, blockwatches are more than looking out for suspicious activity in neighborhoods. Through community mobilization, neighbors, businesses, co-workers and students form an active partnership in the community. Watches allow individuals the opportunity to discover common interests and goals that they share with their neighbors. The residents work to prevent the possibility of crime in their area and develop a sense of community spirit that encourages more activism.

More about the Epernay Neighborhood Block Watch

The Epernay Civic Association sponsors a Neighborhood Block Watch group that has specifically banded together to help deter and report crime within the subdivision. If you’re interested in joining the group, please contact us at epernaycivicassociation@gmail.com.