Epernay Community Little Free Library

A Little Free Library for the Epernay subdivision located in Galloway, Ohio.

Why a Little Free Library?

As a first step to establishing a civic organization in the neighborhood, Robert Vance is undertaking this project to hopefully demonstrate to his neighbors that if we all take small steps and work together, we can achieve many great things as a community.

The Epernay Little Free Library will be similar to the library that is pictured here. The library will hold enough space for approximately several dozen books of various types for children and adults.

Our intention is for this library to build a small sense of community in our area and to promote literacy.

Are there any other Central Ohio little libraries?

Yes! In fact there’s quite a few. If you check http://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/, there’s about 20 in the area. In fact, there’s been two that have successfully be funded via Kickstarter:

Where will it be located?

1057_Leclerc_Pl,_Galloway,_OH_-_Google_Maps_-_2014-07-09_13.10.42The library will be located on LeClerc Place, within the Epernay subdivision, located in Galloway, Ohio. It will be installed on private property so that it will remain privately owned, thus allowing it to be maintained appropriately. It will, however, be easily accessible from the sidewalk.

LeClerc Place is a great place to locate a Little Free Library since it’s one of the main entrances to Epernay and to the adjoining neighborhoods of Clifton Chase, Halloway, and Laurel Greene, which comprise of over 1000 homes. Additionally, you often find many residents out for a walk in the area.

Where’s the money go?

Your pledges will go towards purchasing materials to complete the project, registration as an official Little Free Library, etc. This includes the wood, nails, paint, and even the concrete to stabilize the library’s post in the ground.

How does backing this project work?

If you’re unfamiliar with how Kickstarter works, here’s the 411. You are interested in helping this project come to fruition. You make a financial pledge by clicking the “Back This Project” button. Once the project is fully backed, you’ll be charged, and you’ll receive your incentive. If the project doesn’t come to fruition, you aren’t charged.

Where to find additional information:

Construction plans and additional details forthcoming, meanwhile:

Here’s some more information about Little Free Libraries.

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter page for this project.